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Aurous was born with the intention of changing the way you search for and consume music on the Internet. Unlike on other services like Spotify, where it's the developer who hosts the entire music catalogue on their servers, the idea behind Aurous is that the users themselves share music that they have saved locally via an intelligent file system for upload and downloading.

The program has an interface that's as simple as it is efficient. You can use the integrated search engine to find music you want to listen to or import your own music collection, whether it be through local files (FLAC, MP3, WAV, OGG) or even imported playlists from external services like Spotify, Soundcloud, or VK.

What makes Aurous truly original and interesting is the fact that you can't download music that's not yours, but, as a trade-off, there's no limit when it comes to listening to music online, without annoying advertisements wedged in or banners embedded in the application. It's an interesting way of not breaking the law and offers an incredible catalogue based on its very own users' music collections. Also, the content provided is filtered and organized coherently and without repeats, meaning you'll see both the album covers and the names of the artists and songs.
Aurous, the Popcorn Time of music

The world of digital music distribution and consumption has a lot of growing up to do in terms of defining its model. Aurous has just arrived with the intention of jolting an industry shaken by piracy using an atypical system: this program lets you listen to music online but, unlike Spotity and similar streaming services, offers its catalogue over torrent networks, with users themselves sharing their local music for remote streaming but without offering downloads of the files themselves. An interesting system that aims to get around illegality.
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